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While anyone can be a Tax preparer, you can only be represented in an audit by a tax attorney, certified publicaccountant or an enrolled agent, a designation whose members are former IRS workers, people with extensive dealings with the agency or people who have passed a comprehensive exam entitling them to represent clients before the IRS.

Hiring a tax preparer might ease your burden but it does not lessen your responsibility. When ready to file, make sure to bring to the interview all documents and receipts that have impacted your financial life. Moreover mention all changes that have impacted your prior year such as marriage, divorce, adoption,  schooling, retirement, rollover, unemployment, refinancing and more...It is a good idea to bring your last year return if you go to a new preparer as
you federal refund is taxed at the state level.

​Remember, ignorance is not a defence for overzealous deductions or underpayment of taxes due.

At Fundamentax we pride ourself for our due diligence, fairness, knowledge and ethics. We welcome everyone with open arms, and are thankful to our clients for their loyalty and support.

 Filing an extension:

​Fact:  you are required to file all tax returns that are due, regardless of whether or not you  can pay in full.

File your past due return the same way you would a current return. ​Filing past due returns and paying

now can limit interest charges and late payment penalties. If you don't owe, it can allow you to claim a past refund, provided you file within 3 years of the original return due date.​​ Form 4868 is used to apply for a  6 months extension -from April 15th (4 months if you are out of the Country and a  US Citizen or resident) - ​to file Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ,1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040PR or 1040SS​.

Credits & Deductions​

We strive to find every credit and deduction you are entitled to under Tax Laws. If you are a new Client, we will review your returns ​going back 3 years, to insure none were missed.

IRS Representation​

Our Business and Individual clients get Free IRS Representation should the need arise. The Free Representation only applies to work we performed otherwise our fees equal 5% of the savings with a $100 minimum.

Bookkeeping & accounting​

​​Get your choice of services in a package and we will prepare and file the yearly tax preparation  at no additional charge. Choose from complete bookkeeping or any targeted service such as financial reports, quarterly federal tax estimates, sales tax, payroll, accounts receivables and/or payables, bank reconciliation and more.. Do you owe back taxes or received a letter ? We provide IRS representation and other Financial Services performed a la Carte.

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If you don't particularly like doing your taxes or accounting, you've come to the right place. At Fundamentax, we do what we love: Taxes and Accounting for Small businesses as well as for profit and non-profit Companies and  Organizations, Individuals, Families, and Members of the Armed forces – 

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